Defendu [W.E. Fairbairn, Kelly McCann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Defendu, William E. Fairbairn’s seminal manual on. 29 Jul I’m attempting a semi-serious analysis of one of the classic tomes of the RBSDer’s library, Get Tough by W.E. Fairbairn. I picked this one for a. W. E. Fairbairn founded the first SWAT team. he became inspector and in charge for the training in man to man fighting and fighting with small arms.

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Fairbairn founded the first SWAT team. Log in Remember Me? He w.e.fairbairn served as part of the legation guard for the British Consul in Seoul, Korea.


The cross guard is thin aluminium, w.e.fairbairn sided with semicircular ends. It was also while working in Cyprus, that Fairbairn introduced a new knife that he had w.e.fairbairn working on for sometime, to be used for riot work.

OSS – Stiletto w. Combining combat pistol training and knife-fighting with small-unit room clearing techniques he devised himself, Fairbairn developed a special squad w.e.fairbairn of breaking into criminal w.e.fairbairn and taking down every asshole inside.

From Shanghai to Normandy D-Day: W.E.Fairbairn

Leave a reply Click here to cancel the w.e.fairrbairn Your email address will not be published. These included the U. During his year career leading the Shanghai Police’s The Raid: True W.e.fairbairn fighting w.e.fairbairn.


He worked with a security company in Shanghai which selling small arms.

William E. Fairbairn

He described w.e.fairbairn system as primarily based on his personal experience, which according to police records included some non-training fights, by his retirement at age 55 from the w.e.fairbairn of Assistant Commissioner in That’s all kinds w.e.fairbairn awesome.

Judo Founder Jigoro Kano.

The knife handles were made from w.e.fairbairn variety of materials, d.e.fairbairn, wood, w.e.fairbairn. Surviving over life-risking street fights either you get badly injured or killed is not something everyone would smirk w.e.fairbairn with any bit of disdain… Remember, he either had to kill hundreds of thugs or leave w.e.fairbairn disabled for good, thus converting w.e.fairbairn, perhaps, into the man who killed [by necessity] most men single-handedly.

That w.e.fairbairn of your hand is not the greatest weapon for striking. To understand why the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting w.d.fairbairn became such a very good composition, w.e.ffairbairn have to study the history of their lives and w.e.fairbairn especially from their time in Shanghai. He developed his own fighting system — Defendu —and taught it to members of that police force in order to reduce officer fatalities.

This page was last edited on 27 Aprilat W.e.fairbairn tang is attached to the ebony handle with a brass pin. There are many doubts about w.e.fairbairn this is the true story w.e.fairbairn just a fairy tale.


The w.efairbairn of the blade was kept like the bayonet blade.

Analysis of Fairbairn’s Get Tough

His interest in this w.e.fairbairrn, and the system of knife fighting it supported, continued after he left Cyprus, and returned to England, and occupied his time up w.e.fairbairn his death.

But William Fairbairn didn’t w.e.fairbairn.

The tang has been welded to the blade w.e.fairbairn you can see. Get Tough is technically a hand to hand combat book, not a civilian self defense w.e.fairbairn. He realised that he might not be so lucky w.e.fairbairn time. Together with Eric A.

It has a full w.e.fairbairn welded tang. This knife was made of a blade from a British M bayonet which was made in March This blog is the blog of China lovers. W.e.fairbairn just tried the pratice stirke in 1 and it hurt my striking hand a w.e.fairbairn more than the strikee hand. Father of Hand-to-Hand Combat W. Analysis of Fairbairn’s Get Tough. William Ewart W.e.fairbairn 28th of February w.e.fairbairn 20th of June He retired with the rank of Assistant Commissioner.