How to enable user registration and password encryption · How WaveMaker provides support for password encryption · How to Handle Error Situations in. 26 Oct WaveMaker is a RAD platform to develop and deploy web and mobile applications. This document is intended to be a walkthrough of the. 8 Jul A Prefab can be built which shows all comments made on the document, retrieving them from an API. Prefab can be associated with the context.

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Reference Widgets UI wavemaker documentation for user interaction and responsive design. UI Elements — Widgets 3. Data Integration — Variables 6. They are reusable, API-integrated components that can be used across apps. Low-code Development with WaveMaker. Asset Wavemaaker App fulfils the need of the corporates in procuring and assigning the assets for the employees wavemaker documentation on their requirement.

Enterprise as a platform is the future. Provatar or project avatar is an icon depicting the nature of the project, editable set from the selection from the wavemaker documentation menu.

App Configuration is externalized at each service through configuration profiles. Accounts Access allows you to view the following details: For example, a dashboard template is typically created with charts, data table, and other widgets. There are various affordable purchase options wavemaker documentation monthly or annual. Wavemaker documentation use cookies to provide you with a better experience.

It is set to the Main page by default. APIs can increase agility by de-coupling and exposing business processes.

Documentation Reference – Learning Center

You wavema,er need a way to action them. Our API designers will help you expose your legacy data as APIs and optimise them for consumption using best practices and wavemaker documentation.

If the user running the WaveMaker app has language preference set in their browser and that language is supported by the app i. Custom Widgets — Prefabs 9. Type indicates whether wavemaker documentation is an application — web or mobile; or wavemaker documentation prefab. Promote experimentation over planning. Tree Widget How to build a tree from static variable How to build tree from java service How to build a dynamic tree. Any other events that have been defined by the Prefab developer will also be listed and these can be handled by the user.


Mobile Apps How to pass parameters to pages How to pass parameters to partial pages How to use wavemaker documentation variable to pass data between pages How to set home page, default language, and display format for date and time fields How to incorporate additional wavemaker documentation How to conditionally change the color of icons How to change the default app favicon How to set the app logo How to change the page title New How to customize app style How to customize the app load icon How to customize existing theme How to create custom themes.

Mobile UI Design 2. Build a WaveMaker App in wavemaker documentation Minutes. You can choose from the pre-defined set of layout options. You will wavemaker documentation a confirmation mail with a link to activate your account.

Once you create a project, the Main Page is wavemaker documentation by default.

WaveMaker Documentation

Provatar or project avatar, to give wavemaker documentation visual image of the type of project. Manager of the employees can approve or reject the leaves applied. A Dashboard will show the requests and wavemaker documentation of devices made department wise and also assets wise. App Building Process iv.

Big ideas are already here. Prefab Features Prefabs, wavemaker documentation any widget, have the following features that can be set: Wavemaker API platform has the widely used SaaS, database, wavemaker documentation authentication integrations out-of-the-box.

Configuration Profiles App Configuration is externalized at each service through configuration profiles. Wavemaker documentation a project from the Project Dashboard is opened, it opens in the Project Workspace. Widgets can be customized in terms of appearance and behavior as per your use case using the attributes of properties, style, events, and security.


This application maintains an inventory of the assets provided to the employees and keeps track of the requests made for assets from various employees of the organization and assigns them accordingly.

Building Hybrid Mobile Apps 1. Model Variable can be used as storage model to store data on the client. You can find the list of available Prefabs from the Studio Artefacts page. Tap into enterprise data and core systems.

Where do you start today? Based on the roles, users will be to access specific pages. Building Hybrid Mobile Apps 1. In this document, we have learned the basics of a Prefab what they are and how they are implemented within WaveMaker.

Newbie Guide to App Building. Enterprise application delivery in the API era. These events get triggered when the Prefab is loaded or removed, respectively, from the page containing the Prefab. All Published Prefabs will be available under Prefabs, without needing to Import. Creating Platform-specific installer 3. Themes are style elements which work at the widget or Wavemaker documentation component level.

The package prefix is generated by concatenating wavemaker documentation com and project name. Any methods that have been written and exposed by the Prefab developer will be available for invocation by binding them to an event of any wavemaker documentation. Once, embedded into the page, all the functionality of the wavemaker documentation becomes part of that page.