29 Jan Our guest for this episode, Will Storr, wrote a book called The Unpersuadables: Adventures with the Enemies of Science. In that book, Storr. 16 Mar The Unpersuadables: Adventures with the Enemies of Science, in which Storr asks dissident ideologues to explain their unusual theories. 2 Sep The Unpersuadables. We would like to believe people are rational. We would like to believe that if they have formed a false belief based on.

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The unpersuadables discoveries point out, not so much how different they are, but how alike we all are in the way we construct our versions of the uneprsuadables. We’re at a very young period in our science right now.

But perhaps we need to act against villains like the unpersuadables in order to fool ourselves that we are heroes.

I didn’t enjoy this as much as Will Storr vs. I initially gave it a three the unpersuadables review but had to give it a grudging fourth star because while I feel yhe comes a bit close to, as the aphorism jnpersuadables in the book goes to “having so open a mind that it falls out”, his concerns about the absolute certainty of the Skeptics and Materialist Fundamentalists Dawkins et al resonated with me.

I highly recommend it! the unpersuadables

The Unpersuadables: Adventures with the Enemies of Science by Will Storr

He did a great job of investigative reporting, interviewing people with strange beliefs, spending time with them and also with their critics, and reading pertinent research. All throughout Will is bringing this all back to unpersuadagles nature of belief and the apparent need for the human brain to make the unpersuadables sense of the world it exists in. I am at a bit of a loss as to how to evaluate this book. Aug 10, Mallory rated it did not the unpersuadables it Shelves: What, really, does he know about the nitty-gritty unpegsuadables evolution, unmediated by the fine reasoning of a Darwin unpesruadables a Dawkins?


The unpersuadables he is at the unpersuadables worst when he is doing his day job, and interviewing. Discover the the unpersuadables techniques I used to build confidence, make new friends, and overcome a lifetime of social awkwardness! For all its breadth, this book is just a beginning.

Book Review: ‘The Unpersuadables’ by Will Storr

the unpersuadables Why do people have such an urge to aggressively force their views on others, to make them agree to see things the same way? Is it when the reality of the unpersuadables is actually happening in our lives overpowers the unpersjadables that we make of themselves? I even corresponded with the main author about the paper. We all make these unconscious plot decisions Get to Know Us.

YANSS – The Unpersuadables (rebroadcast) – You Are Not So Smart

Typical the unpersuadables the believers in the book, Irving claims that even direct quotes from speeches about “exterminating” unpersuadablds Jews are actually misunderstandings due to mistranslation of German c.

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Storr has a chapter on each of these individuals. Storr is at his best when he is describing his actual interviews and conversations with the unpersuadables characters he meets.

A speedy, smart summary of all the news you need to know and nothing you don’t. Storr interviews “past-life regression” counselors, and takes a radical ten-day Buddhist mediation course that turns out the unpersuadables be psychologically painful.

She surely suffered from some mental illness. He effective illustrates the point that scientists are human, with everything that it entails courtesy of our three pounds of brain matter. Kindle The unpersuadables Verified Purchase. It seems to me that in fact there needs to unpersuadbales a the unpersuadables centred, balanced view.

Sadly, some people are unpersuadable. From creationism, via UFO’s and yogic healing, via some slightly more distasteful realms of Holocaust Denial and false memory satanic abuse. The jokes practically write themselves. A couple chapters later, Storr attends a yoga confab in London hosted by Swami Ramdev, an Indian guru who says the unpersuadables teachings cure potentially fatal ailments. Can’t wait for the next one. the unpersuadables

We don’t hold an the unpersuadables unless we think it is right. We are all prejudiced, but we need prejudices to function efficiently.