Laura’s Comment: Lessons in French is a feel-good story. I wrote it after a long period of writing very intense and sometimes very dark books like Shadowheart, . 18 Mar Laura Kinsale is my favourite romance author bar none, so when I found out that That said, Lessons in French isn’t my favourite Kinsale. 3 Feb Lessons in French by Laura Kinsale February 1, Historical Romance Paperback, Pages Sourcebooks Casablanca Reviewed by Kati.

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Have I given any clue as to lessons in french laura kinsale much I love him? I had already written that ending in my mind and would have been very disappointed with anything less: If so, welcome back! My copy has several blurred but readable pages, and a steep incline from left to right. This one will not be added to that list. She was given French lessons from the Madame. I wanted to shake Callie more than a few times, but Trev was amazing in every way. These comments and discussions vrench my old forum at The Terrace.

Especially when they’re in French. I typically expect a novel by Really delightful!

frency Nine long, lonely years later, Trevelyan returns. I enjoyed the energy and connection between the lead characters.

Thanks for the honest review! When you click lessons in french laura kinsale a Sponsored Product ad, you will be taken to an Amazon detail page where you can learn more about the product and purchase it. He’s still up for fun and adventure – but he’s definitely hiding something.

Review: Lessons in French by Laura Kinsale

But they went down well. It makes such a refreshing change to have a Regency HR set outside London, and actually set in the fields and cowsheds of the aristocracy, whose wealth was e I really enjoyed this.

Trev, for his part, has had to fend for himself in much more creative fashions since that long ago day. Trev wasn’t in love with Callie kinsalle they met again, so what was he saving himself for?

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Something that did bother me though was that Trev was supposedly a virgin if I managed to interpret that part kijsale the story correctly. But the course of true love never runs smooth.

Lessons in French

Actually, her love for one of her bulls nearly brought me to tears a time or two. These slight problems aside, Laura Kinsale demonstrates her trademark wit, depth, detail and romanticism can serve a light-hearted historical romance just as well as they can with a darker one.

She’s lessons in french laura kinsale pots of money, so why marry? Nicola O – That’s the impression I got. I also enjoyed the way they discovered their love for one another. So atypical for a Regency miss. The gentlemen would have to declare their undying devotion to other ladies.

You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals Note from August, Trev does anything and everything for Callie and lwssons clean frenchh needed, and he was still growing on me at the end of the lessons in french laura kinsale. Kinsald Callista Taillefaire has been jilted three times and is resolved to devote herself to raising cattle, particularly her prize-winning bull, Hubert.

Lessons In French || Books || Laura Kinsale

I liked the bull scenes. This book sounds really interesting1 Never read the author b4! Intrigue, drama, secrets, passion, and a grand romance make this a wonderful addition to Laura Kinsale’s already excellent repertoire.

I so enjoyed Lessons in French. Thank lessons in french laura kinsale so much for the advice! Lessons in french laura kinsale a sweet romance about young lovers reunited years later, and I thoroughly enjoyed that part. I usually buy Kindle books, because it is the easiest way to get English books in Slovakia.

Like I was missing some crucial element that others would understand but I missed. The Prince of Midnight Hardcover. This, she decided, was pushing her luck. She’s an heiress – not only thanks to her dad, lessons in french laura kinsale thanks to breach of contract lawsuits from her suitors. They both still love each other but don’t seem to know what to do about it. Nine long, lonely years later, Trevelyan returns.


As I said before, however, this was a near perfect romance. I so want to revisit the Quaker Lady and her buffle-headed duke. His tendency and need to rebel get him into trouble sometimes and he needs to reign it in – something Callie helps him with – but it’s part of who he is and shows that he’s not perfect.

So I wouldn’t take much stock in a synopsis that is this grossly inaccurate. Her greatest passion lessons in french laura kinsale raising livestock, and her biggest pride and joy is her bull, Hubert. That being said, I think that the book will work for most romance readers who enjoy quiet romances, but for me, the book fell flat. He talks a good game a majority of the time and everyone, even the reader, believes him wholeheartedly.

A shy alpha male sounds like a contradiction in terms, but there he is. After being abandoned at the altar by three different men, she decides to take the hint and settle for being a wallflower.

You’d think I would’ve liked a day-dreaming, head-in-the-clouds woman who still pines for her first love.

Lady Callie is not a stunning beauty especially in a plain dress and muck boots that she wears to take care of her cattle. Most of her earlier books are among my favorites and Frehch frequently recommend them to others. Your writing range is amazing.