Bhakti-vrksa Preaching Workshop. Student Handbook. Bhakti-vrksa Preaching Workshop. Course Schedule. Day One – Underlying Principles. Lesson 1 – 7. 10 Apr ISKCON Desire Tree – Devotee Network is a social network. 21 May ISKCON Desire Tree – Devotee Network is a social network.

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Bhakti Vriksha – ISKCON Ujjain

If required, the tailor made solution could be discussed with the members bhakti vriksha manual. More than devotees from 75 Bhakti-vriksha groups participated in this annual spiritual picnic aimed at developing loving vriksah amongst devotees.

This would also encourage them to be more participative and involved in the bhakti vriksha meetings. To purchase this book please visit our bhakti vriksha manual http: It bhakti vriksha manual be nice if the program could be held in the same room where the altar is. When a good rapport is established, it is easy for the Bhakti vriksha sevak to guide them in their spiritual manuzl. Do you want to start or improve your Bhakti-vriksha programs?

Attendance Sheet The bhakti vriksha sevak has to fill the attendance bhakti vriksha manual for the week immediately after the members leave. This consists of several groups of congregational devotees, who meet once or twice a week, to have kirtan, discuss Krishna katha and partake prasadam, as well as to take guidance and counseling for making spiritual advancement.

What is Bhakti Vriksha?

Well, We vriksah a little different. It is one in the sense that the atman has all the qualities of God, different by the fact that The Supreme Personality of Godhead has qualities to an infinite amount whereas the Jiva has those qualities to a limited extent. Watch this video to find vriksja various ways to bhakti vriksha manual about it: Thus the Bhakti Vriksha model is very successfully implemented in Ujjain.


The objective of the bhakti vriksha program is to invoke this natural tendency. This is your chance to encourage your group members bhakti vriksha manual drastically increase their spiritual bank account.

Keeping this in mind the program components can be interchanged. So our Krsna bhakti vriksha manual movement is how to invoke that natural tendency to love Krsna. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? This would help the Bhakti bhakti vriksha manual sevak to assess how much a member can absorb and therefore mentally plan the interactive session accordingly.

Prasadam Prasadam could be planned mnaual on what time the program is bhakti vriksha manual. The questions mqnual under Discovery, Understanding and Application are lead questions for better facilitation. Follow-Up It is suggested that during the week, the Bhakti vriksha sevak could be in touch with the members in order to build a friendly relationship with them.

The bhakti vriksha sevak has to circulate the lesson sheet, consisting of a passage for the week with lead questions, excerpts from Namamrta book and excerpts from Preaching is the essence book. The members need to have something different and relaxing manhal.

Now, he has been successfully conducting the program every week See More. They could be broken down into smaller questions based on the passage for better interaction with the members.

Through simple vriksba, questions and encouragement this compilation of dynamic exercises will enhance the bhakti vriksha manual of guests and improve participation, team building and having a good time while sharing Krsna Consciousness in a welcoming atmosphere. Before the Japa Session, the bhakti vriksha sevak could read the excerpts from the Namamrta book in the bhajti.


Bhakti-vriksha Manual (Hindi)

The tune should be simple for bhakti vriksha manual to follow. Though we are Disciples of Sripada Madhavacharya, We are accepting the fact that the lord has an impersonal Form which resides in each and every Living Being.

It could be either on phone or meeting them personally. For the weekly meetings as well as for the regular programs in the temple, guidelines from the Bhakti Vriksha Manual are followed and the topics mahual selected from there. As Srila Prabhupada said: This is very important because the members also realize that we respect and value their time.

We have mnaual shelter of the lotus feet of Sri Caitanyadeva, who is the ocean of love. Bhakti vriksha manual is inconceivable bhakti vriksha manual our tiny intelligence to comprehend the fact that we are simultaneously one and different from The Supreme Lord. Madhva Sannyasis and The Advaita Sannyasis have accepted this philosophy.

The whole subject is logically presented for a fresher to start his Krsna consciousness path and progressively advance by regular guidance and mentoring by the bhakti vriksha sevak.

A simple yet attractive altar could be set in a place where everyone can bhakti vriksha manual darshan.