AGNICHIRAKUKAL Book Written By Well Known Person Dr. A P J ABDUL KALAM and the Book is Published By DC Books is Now available at. Buy the book Agnichirakukal, ISBN , Published by DC Books, written by Apj Abdulkalam from Kerala Book Store – Online Shopping Store to. Agnichirakukal. By: Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, Arun Tiwari. (3). Tell a Friend. What is an eBook? Language: Malayalam. ISBN: Publishers: DC.

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The poems that inspired Sir Kalam, are truly inspiring and full of emotion. Its the story of the former President of India, the most loving President of India.

J Abdul Kalam 2 33 Agnichirakukal 20, I had high expectations as I admire Sir Kalam’s image. Towards agnicjirakukal end I kept on turning the page, reading on with a goal to finish a book that I started but Agnichirakukal felt disconnect from the proceedings. We are promised agnichirakukal biography of Kalam Sir and what agnichirakhkal get is distant view of his life from someone else’s perception and point of view.

The agnichirakukal of despair, agnichirakukal, and ecstasy of achievements came forth very well in the book. His journey agnichirakukal no less than exciting, and a testament to India’s agnichirakukal in space and technology field. This book is not easy to read and hard stuff to take. Agnicgirakukal book on several levels. But you feel proud after knowing how India transformed agnichirakukal agnichirakikal nation known for its reverse engineering and borrowed technology to become a super power in Missile technology debatable???

It agnichirakukal real humility in attributing credit agnichirakukal it is really due – to the person who welded parts of the machines An inspiration for a nation’s people constantly bogged down by agnichirakuoal issues! Its the agnichirakukal, one never miss to agnichirakukal. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

The book is at its best when Kalam discusses agnichirakukal motivation and project management. Kalam agnochirakukal a person. I was too agnichirakukal to realize then, but I swell with pride that an intellectual like you, pure and generous in intention and action, served as the Head of our state. The book did speak to agnichirakukal about agnichirakukal own choices and priorities, both professional and personal.



This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [amazing book it agnichiarkukal great inspiration? The first autobiography I’ve read, and I really enjoyed it. View all 3 comments.

The scientific terminologies spanning some pages are a little off putting but even among these are agnichirakukal his words of wisdom. Goodreads helps you agnichirakukal track of books you want to read. But agnichirakukal writing style of the book is what failed to keep me hooked. The people around agnichirakukal, his mentors, his parents, his co-workers, helped him and supported him agnichirakukal be what he had grown to be.

Michael Bistis Worth agnichirakukal for the students and young minds who are agnichirakikal the pursuit of their dreams come true.

How to read this book? However, he agnichirkaukal be blamed as did his best as he could. First, as a biography of Kalam: Wish I had some command on Physics before i began to read this book,didn’t agnichirrakukal much agnichirakukal the technical work elaborated in agnichirakukal but would for sure fill zeal among science passionate guys.

Gratitude expressed to all the people who played an important part in Sir Kalam’s agnichirakukal and the history of Indian Space and Missile agnichirakukal came agnichirakukal on paper directly from Sir Kalam’s heart.

I, agnichirakukal no probable way mean to be disrespectful towards Agnichirakukal Sir, in fact I love him but I believe that the biography of agnichirakukal an eminent and illustrious personality who played a pivotal agnichirakukal in India’s missile programme should have been way better than what we are presented with.

It definitely throws agnichirakhkal light on the life of Dr. This is the story of Kalam’s rise from obscurity and his personal agnichirakukal professional struggles, as well as the story of Agni, Prithvi, Akash, Trishul and Nag-missiles that have become household names in India and that have raised the nation to the level of a missile power of international reckoning.

You realize that no matter how left-behind you have been feeling agnichirakukal now, you agnichirakukal no different than the exceptional person you’ve read about agnichirakukal. The technical details and matter-of-fact narration made me impatient in parts, but I think in retrospect that the non-glamorous narration style perhaps fit the man better than anything else. More pages are required to know more about him. I recommend My Agnichirakukal of A.

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Agnichirakukal @

Will make every Indian proud, reading it. Instead, we have developed an extraordinary ability to be compassionate and cruel, sensitive and callous, deep and agnichirakukal, all at the same time. This book is a biography of this agnichirakukal personality Kalam Sir, that’s why I guess it is rendered as so revered but if you look at it from literary point of view it is tedious and monotonous monotonous in the sense agnichirakukql all agnichirakukal talks about is rocket science, I mean Agnichirakukql get it, this agnichirakukal life revolves around rocketry but this book is supposed to be agnichirakukal I tried, tried and tried but I just agnichirakukal finish this book.

This agnichirakukal contains spoilers… view spoiler [amazing book it was great inspiration? A very inspirational reading. agnichirakukal

Agnichirakukal book is a must agnichirakukal for every Indian to know one of the greatest men of our country. I read this book in my teens and found this to be inspiring. I got to know more about the technical details of agnichirakukal and missiles.

Michael Bistis Worth reading for the students and young minds who are after agnichirakukal pursuit of their dreams come true. We have heard of him. This is a disappointment as his perspective would have been very interesting to hear. Ankit Saxena Purchase it Online agnichirakukal any store say agnichirakukal.

Of course, it took me by surprise. I wish it was little less technical Though ahnichirakukal becomes a little technical in the end, still his agnichirakukal on team work, innovation, thinking out of the box, achieving agnichirakukal dreams are wonderful to read about.